So what is a break?

Besides a lot of fun, it's a simple way to collect cards from just your favorite team. So to understand Breaks you have to understand the collectors dilemma. Most sports fans have a favorite team and are often not interested in cards from other teams, but when buying cards in packs or boxes you are forced to buy all teams. Although there is no way to know exactly what cards are inside a given package, we can divide up the contents by team before the package is opened. That's where breaks come in. In a sports card break one person purchases a gross amount of cards, usually several boxes. Then that "breaker" will sell each team individually to a fan of that team. So as a team buyer you get just the team that you like and for a fraction of the cost of buying the whole lot since you just split the cost with fans of the other 30 or so teams. Following the sale of the teams, the breaker opens the card packs and boxes on live video while everyone watches together in a video chat room. The breaker than mails the team buyers their cards... the buyers rate and review the breakers.

We like to think of the Bonus Breaks app as the "Amazon" of sports card breaks. We bring breakers and sports card collectors together and then provide everything needed to enjoy the breaking process.

What is the Bonus Breaks app?

The Bonus Breaks app is a tool that provides breakers and collectors with the complete breaking experience from beginning to end. A breaker creates a break, listing individual auctions that other users can bid on or buy. Once the breaker decides to kick off the break, the app provides payment processing and live video streaming. upon break completion the video is available for review for those who couldn't be there live. The breaker receives shipping information regarding participants in the break. We are working towards options for a more integrated system for shipping.

Why Bonus Breaks?

Why do I need a smartphone app for card breaks? We designed the Bonus Breaks app to put the world of sports card breaks in the palm of every hand. But what is the advantages of doing breaks here as opposed to the other platforms? Each user will have to make up their own mind when it comes to what they like most, but here are some things we would like you to consider.

The initial goal was to create an easy to use app that delivers the breaking experience from start to finish. You find/list your break here, you bid and pay for your break here and you watch your break here. No third party bidding, processing or streaming companies for our users. We want to do it all and if we aren't doing it all please let us know what we can do to make the experience more complete via our feedback/help system.


Because the Bonus Breaks app is built specifically for sports card breaks you can input your favorite teams and soon you will receive notifications whenever one of your teams hits the market. That makes getting the word out a lot easier don't you think? A highly tuned notification system is being built to allow users to personalize their notifications in nearly any way you could want. Plus we are building a large social media network for promotion of all breaks listed on the app.

We're building it for you

We put together the Bonus Breaks app with card breakers and buyers in mind. If we missed it, we want you to let us know, and that's why we say we're "building" it and it may never be "built." Until the Bonus Breaks app is the ultimate and complete tool for its users we will be constantly investing in it using feedback received from users like you to become the best we can.

Focused User Base

There's lots of ways to build user bases; on FB or on Instagram and Twitter etc., but you are drawing from a vast sea of people, of which most don't even know what a card break is. Bonus Breaks strives to create a massive user base of breaks participants. That means no more need for breakers to message all of their followers or group members. No more overfilled cluttered notifications list or break you are being told about "just now" that actually happened yesterday. Collectors can find safe breakers by going with the few guys they know or getting on eBay, but what are you getting other than the secure transaction from eBay for your fees? We deliver the whole process from purchase to shipping info. All of these ways to connect can work, but none are made for breaks, that's why PayPal thinks you have friends and family... burn...


Really? Yes, really. Card breaks can be both a great time and a profitable hobby, but everyone knows that which is profitable is also taxable. Bonus Breaks adds the applicable state tax to each high bid and pays those taxes to those states on behalf of the breaker. I shouldn't need to show anyone what it looks like to end up on the wrong side of the IRS. Pete, Daryl, Willy, Wesley, Martha... heh. As a breaker making sales to different states you may be liable for taxes to states other than that in which you reside. We are working provide breakers with proof of tax payment via annual statements. Although it stinks to have to pay taxes, there are benefits that come from paying them and being able to prove you did.


It's one of our goals to be upfront about how the Bonus Breaks app can be used as a powerful tool by breakers and a convenient application for those looking to increase their card collections. Please read the pertinent terms (at least) atop our EULA/Terms page to understand the way the Bonus Breaks app functions and be aware that updates to the function of the Bonus Breaks app will be outlined there as well. It can later be found in the menu under "about." From the surcharge Bonus Breaks pays 2.9%+30¢ per transaction for processing and ~40¢ per transaction to calculate the taxation. Bonus Breaks also pays for calculations and documentation sent annually to breakers who reach a minimum threshold of sales on the Bonus Breaks app. If you would like to know more about the expenses involved with creation, maintenance and continued development of the app I will be transparent and you can message me about it.

Because I'm you

Lastly, I would implore you to at least give the Bonus Breaks app an honest try, because that's what I'm doing here. I say "we" a lot while writing this because there's a whole team behind the creation and production of the Bonus Breaks app and they are hard workers who deserve credit, but... I'm just a guy with a vision of bringing simplified sports card breaks to everyone who loves them and a lot of people who don't even know what they're missing. I'm a former Marine and a family man with kids going off to college who's ready to start the next inning. I'm that guy who's a fan of all franchises out of the home towns nearest big city. I'm someone who enjoyed breaks on the weekends but found the process cumbersome and disjointed. I mean... now here's a guy just taking his shot at building something grand and hoping you'll give it a shot in return. And for that... I thank you sincerely. -Chris Combs